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19 January 2011 @ 11:42 pm
 Hi please check out my LJ@[info]japanese_queen  for Asian Drama DVDS, Japanese and Taiwanese magazines, Jpop music scores, KTV and music CDS (including Fahrenheit and S.H.E!), Cute and Designer clothing and bags ! :D
Need quick sales so cheap prices
12 September 2010 @ 04:04 pm
Hello! ^^

Selling a few albums related to Fahrenheit here... Any BRAND NEW UNOPENED or AUTOGRAPHED goods are mentioned in the description. All goods are Singapore bought unless otherwise mentioned.

Go to my journal to see the pictures!

-- AUTOGRAPHED copy of Hana Kimi OST by Ella and Wu Chun SGD22
-- AUTOGRAPHED copy of FLH's 1st album SGD22
-- BRAND NEW UNOPENED copy of FLH's 2nd album (not autographed)with Jiro/Arron clear file SGD20
-- FLH's 3rd album (TW version) + AUTOGRAPHED poster + Notebook SGD22
-- BRAND NEW UNOPENED FLH Autobiography + Clear File + DVD SGD25
-- KO One OST SGD16
-- X-Family OST + postcard set SGD16

I am located in Singapore but world wide shipping is acceptable. However, shipping and any other charges is to be paid by buyer. Meet-up in Singapore is welcome. Feel free to ask me any questions by dropping me a comment on my journal!

PS. Cross Posted
09 September 2010 @ 08:55 pm
OMIGAWD~!!! A new Fahrenheit MV!! I love Fahrenheit, they always make my day super great!! ^_^ hehehehe

Here it is!!! ^_^ :

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09 September 2010 @ 08:31 pm
Just sharing some variety shows Fahrenheit is in lately.  ^_^ Here they are!! ^_^

1. 完全娛樂 2010-09-08 tw.sugoitw.com/all-show-2010-09-08/4/ (youtube video - part 4 only starting at 7:30minute)

2. SS小燕之夜 2010-09-07 飛輪海
http://sugoideas.com/ss-2010-09-07/ (youtube)

3. And of course.... JIRO'S SHOW --- Super King 綜藝大國民!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 ^_^ If you haven't been watching Super King, you can watch them through this page: 

So far, besides Calvin showing up for the 1st episode, Aaron also appeared on the show on the day 2010-09-04.

Happy Watching! ^_^

Thankies a whole lot to sugoideas.com website for uploading these videos!!! ^_^

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08 September 2010 @ 09:24 pm

Hi guys!! I made some Fahrenheit graphics again^^
If you're interested you can check them out and grab them at my LJ!!
Here's the link: http://elitejean.livejournal.com/18982.html

Thanks so much & Happy Days :]
Jiro to be hosting new show with Jacky Wu

[May 21, 2010] Jacky Wu squeezed Kang Kang, build "new five-gold treasure"

CTS will launch a variety show hosted by Jiro Wang (from right), Zax Wang, Jacky Wu, Tony Sun and Frankie Huang in "Grand National variety"

Source : China Times http://showbiz.chinatimes.com/2009Cti/Channel/Showbiz/showbiz-news-cnt/0,5020,110511+112010052100013,00.html
Translated by Wang Ai Mi @ Rock Planet http://asianfanatics.net

CTS will launch a new variety show on prime time Sat 8PM, starting from June 19 hosted by Jacky Wu, Tony Sun, Zax Wang (Wang Ren Fu), Jiro Wang and Frankie Huang in a completely new variety show "Grand National variety" Attempt to create "a new five-gold treasure" combination (T/N : 5 guys) , the original program "Taiwan real goodies" hosted by Kang Kang is moved to Fri 8PM. In this regard, Kang Kang words with frustration: "I don't mind be squeezed out by Xian bros (Jacky), but the highest show's viewing rate is CTS. I really don't know what should I do after this."

Highest rating, Kang Kang can't endure

Kang Kang who received the news about program's time has changed last week laughs to himself : "That's good, I can go on stage as the" Million pop stars"." He said that show has high rating is not a guarantee. "I can only tell myself that I still have job to do is good enough. "

Prime-time, CTS show their ace

FTV "Big Winner variety" is the rating champion of this period for 4 times. During a year and a half CTS has released "Super star mission" ,"Happy with GO", "Civilian Monopoly", "World amazing show "and" Taiwan real goodies" , but they can't affect the enemy at all.

Bros from Europe has no time, change the partner to Jiro Wang

"Grand National variety" hosted by Jacky Wu and Azio's "Ace Star" production team, will be broadcast on CTS and Azio, now already known to consists of two parts of interviews and singing. Last Friday after Jacky finish recorded "Ace Star", 5 people came into the studio and recorded the show. The original group is wanted to find the European brother rather than Jiro Wang, finally because the recording time is bumped into Europe brother's show in mainland, so it changed to Jiro Wang.

See the trailerCollapse )
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29 May 2010 @ 01:04 am
Omigoodness, I'm so happy!!! Jiro's releasing a new photobook w/ a bit autobiography and his artworks! I already preordered mine's. It's coming out on June 9, 2010! YAY-ness!!! ^_^

You can preorder them at these places:

YesAsia = www.yesasia.com/us/van-gogh-and-me-all-about-jiro-book-dvd-zip-pouch-limited-edition/1022751688-0-0-0-en/info.html

Eslite bookstore (Taiwan Site) = http://www.eslite.com/product.aspx?pgid=1001182091947896

Here's a picture of the photo album.

(Limited Edition)

There's another versionCollapse )
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12 February 2010 @ 02:32 am
Hi all,

I'm selling some of my Fahrenheit & Jiro items at my blog here, including some autographed and out-of-print items!

Thank you very much!
07 December 2009 @ 07:37 pm

made some phone wallies!!
you can grab them
thank you and happy days :]
10 September 2009 @ 02:35 pm
Jiro Wang
Korean Fashion
Kim So Eun
Rainie Yang
True Blood